Saturday, April 12, 2008

Arkansas Girl

My dear friend, Erin(from Arkansas), was in town this weekend! Erin has worked for me the past 1 1/2 yrs at the store and has become so close to our family! I would truly claim her as my daughter---she is so sweet! However, she recently moved back home to Arkansas to attend college. We miss her so much!

It was a joy to have her visiting this weekend. After a fun day of shopping in Dallas we decided to host our own photo shoot! Isn't she a natural! Thanks look beautiful! Just wanted to share her great pics! They look amazing in person....sorry, the web just doesn't do them justice!

I've also been taking pictures of many of the items I need to sell that are looming around my house! Plus, some great new handbags and jewelry that have just arrived.

Be watching our blog for the ONLINE SALE !! Many items will be posted at wholesale! Bring a friend and stop on by! COMING SOON!!!!!!!
Have a great day!


cindy said...

She's a cutie! Love her hair. Wish mine would do that way. Great are so good.

Wedding registry said...

Oh, These photos are very beautiful. It is perfectly captured. Great post!!!

Erica said...

Love her hair! She's so darn cute!

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