Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Arrivals!

Here are a few of the yummy goodies that have arrived for Canton this month. Canton is April 3-6! It should be a good month because I think the weather is going to be really nice!

I just love the bag! It retails for only $23 and is adorable monogrammed. This is the same type of print that I'm having Avery's bedspread made in---cant' wait to see how it turns out!

The other bags from this line are also just as adorable! I'll post more on those later!

We also received these precious monogrammed notepads and clipboards. The notepads have grossgrain ribbon as the black/white fabric! They will make great graduations gifts!

Have a great day! I'm off to clean house---yuck! Hopefully I can get it all done soon so that I can get back to blogging! Thanks for stopping by!


Geanina said...

Nice blog!

Simply Divas said...

Thanks Geanina for stopping by! Have a blessed day!

cindy said...

Cute bag! When you get done cleaning house, please come clean mine! : )


Cheryl said...

I LOVE the notepads! As always, you things are JUST TOO CUTE!!! Hope to see you soon girlfriend! Hugs! ~Cheryl