Friday, February 22, 2008

Please Forgive!

Scarlett & Savannah Pearman, Waxahachie(Valentine Card Portrait)

For 2 days now I've promised to post some of my latest creations....well, please forgive! Our house has been hit by the cold/fever virus. Avery has had it and so has dear hubby! I hope to get something posted this weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed! :0)

I'm currently working on lots of hairbows for canton which is quickly approaching next weekend. I've gotten in about 40 new spools of adorable printed yummy! I love to make hairbows...could make them in my sleep. If you need a hairbow....let me know! I enjoy custom orders!

For now i'll post some of the portrait sessions I've taken in the last few months! Enjoy! Thanks to all of those that have called upon me to take their family portraits.....I truly appreciate your business! Spring will be quickly approaching so be sure to call for a "Spring Portrait Session"! Have a blessed day!
Dylan Vaughan, Waxahachie Savannah Pearman, Waxahachie

The Skelly's, Lake Highlands The Hamilton's, Waxahachie

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So Proud!

It's a dreary Wednedsay here in Waxahachie,TX. The tornado sirens just went off and not sure really why? There doesn't seem to be any bad weather. I'm trying to get in the mood to craft and post some items for sale but seem too busy texting my girlfriends and surfing the net! I really should get busy while princess is taking her nap.
I promise to post some treasures for sale later today but for now I just wanted to post one of my "So proud moments".

Follow this link to read about a friend of our families and a former student of mine. She is playing Varisty Basketball for Kansas State University(where I received my B.S. in Elem. Ed---GO CATS!!!). She has an awesome personality and just a great gal! Way to go Shalee....I'm proud of all you've accomplished!

And if her mother Jane is reading this.....a special kuddos goes out to you! Shalee's mother was always my favorite teacher in high school and taught me so much! Jane has always been so support of all my businesses through the years and continues to be a great customer when I go home to Kansas for shows! Thanks Jane and I know you and Steve are so proud of your children!

Link to article:

Link to KSU page:

Monday, February 18, 2008

Special Thanks

Just a quick break from cleaning.....ok, I confess, I haven't even started! LOL! But, my sister called so it's her fault! *giggle*!!! I forgot to thank my wonderful friend and best bud Jarrod for my banner he made! Thanks Jarrod! Go and check out Jarrod's awesome website: He is so talented. All of those products on his website he has designed, manufactured and imported himself!
Back to cleaning!

Good Morning Monday!

Well, it's really supposed to be...."Good Morning Baltimore..." from the opening of Hairspray! I love that movie. That song just happens to be in my head this morning! I have lots of great stuff to share today but I've told myself that I'm not going to post a long post until I make some progress on cleaning my studio. I would show you the before pics but I'm too embarrassed. It's pretty bad. I'll show the after when I've completed this project.

In the meantime .....go and check out my friends blogs. Who, at this time they are probably the only ones reading my blog! LOL!

Enjoy and chat with you soon!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Saving Grace

I've finally decided to write my very own blog! I am a blog junky! I spend so many hours reading other peoples blogs but have never taken the time to finish getting my own blog online. I can daydream for hours by visiting other blogs and seeing all of the creative work and ideas! I love it and get so inspired!!!

After the week I've had I decided that it's time to use my blog to challenge myself each and everyday. It's also a great way to connect with other crafters, friends and customers!

I am not really sure what to post for this first blog. But just wanted to share an updated picture of our princess who just turned the big "1" on January 1!!!!! We are having the time of our lives as parents! What a blessing! Avery Grace truly is my "Saving Grace"! She has been the laughter and joy that I've needed as my life has slowed down after closing the store. I truly think she saved me because I was just working myself silly. It's been hard many days for me, being the busy body that I am, trying to find my way while staying at home. But, I've tried a few different things and everything is starting to fall into place. The most important thing is that I've been there for Avery. I would of missed all of her 1st year if I would have kept up that extremely busy and stressful lifestyle! I made such wonderful and lifelong friends that I know somehow via internet, around town or whatever venue I sell my goods.....we will always be connected! Thanks Waxahachie and the area for all of your support!

P.S. Be watching for some great items I will be posting for sale this week on my blog. I've got many great items left from our Fall shows that I do not want to store until next Fall. SO, it's time to clean house!

Where to find us around the area........
Be sure to check out a sampling of our bows at Pete & RePete located in historic downtown Waxahachie,TX ! You will also find our kids collection, jewelry and more of our favorite gift lines at Spoiled Rotten in Midlothian, TX. And we are still doing Canton(yes, I know, it's an addiction.....I can't quit! LOL!) We are located in Trade Center III next to the Arbors on the Main Grounds during the First Monday Trade Days each month! Stop in and see us! At Canton we carry all of our personalized items for children/teens as well as our extensive line of flip-flops/shoes! Great deals....come and see us! And of course I have been doing lots of photography....I'll share more portraits tomorrow!

P.S. A special hug to my wonderful hubby! Today marks the 6th anniversary of our 1st date(blind date!). It was Feb. 16 which was a Saturday as well! He brought home some beautiful roses for me today! I love you Scott and you are the light of my life!!!!! Flowers 3 times in one are spoiling me! :0)
I will post more later! Have a blessed day and leave a comment if you have time!